• The Tohoku University Committee of Gender Equality is established.
  • The Proposal for Promotion of Gender Equality at Tohoku University is issued.
  • Hosting of 1st Annual Gender Equality Symposium, “Learning/Education and Gender Equality.”
  • Proclamation of the Tohoku University Declaration on Promoting Gender Equality.
  • Adoption of the 21st Century COE program “Gender and Law Policy Center” (5 years).
  • Tohoku University Prize for the Encouragement of Gender Equality (Sawayanagi Prize) is established.
  • Hosting of 2nd Annual Gender Equality Symposium, “What are sex differences? The gap between humans and people,” with the Sawayanagi Prize’s inaugural award ceremony.
  • Gender equality working groups are set up in all departments.
  • 3rd Annual Gender Equality Symposium, “Contemporary Society and Gender,” and 2nd Sawayanagi Prize ceremony.
  • On-campus nursery Kawauchi Keyaki Hoikuen is opened.
  • 4th Annual Gender Equality Symposium, “Gender Equality at Universities: How Far Has It Come?” and 3rd Sawayanagi Prize ceremony.
  • Adoption of “Tohoku Women’s Hurdling Project” (3 years) under the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology / Development of Role Models to Support Female Researchers. The Office for Women Researchers is established (2009 website, 2010–13 website) and various support programs are launched.
  • 5th Annual Gender Equality Symposium, “Women Researchers at Universities: Actions for Cultivating and Supporting Them,” and 4th Sawayanagi Prize ceremony. (Poster)
  • The Tohoku University Science Angels program wins the Japan Encouragement Prize and the Special Prize of the L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science.
  • Adoption of “Morinomiyako Project for Empowering Women in Research” (3 years) under MEXT’s Initiative for Realizing Diversity in the Research Environment (Distinctive Features Type).

Note: All years are the academic year, starting in April of the year listed.