<Recruitment/Extend the Term> Tohoku University Science Angels program AY 2021[Deadline:5/10/2021]

We have extended the deadline for Tohoku University Science Angels program AY 2021 to May 10 .
From the year 2021, graduate students in the humanities and social sciences are also eligible to apply for the Science Angel program.If you have a graduate student in the humanities and social sciences, please recommend them.

We are recruiting applicants for Tohoku University Science Angels program AY 2021. We look forward to your application.


This program aims to nurture next-generation female researchers and to cultivate a sense of mission and responsibility among those involved in research by appointing female graduates enrolled in Tohoku University as Science Angels to work with and help motivate students at primary schools, junior high schools and high schools.

Program details

(1) At the request of their former schools or other schools in the community, Science Angels conduct seminars and other events at which they discuss their experiences to date and current research projects in order to communicate messages aimed at helping young people feel a more intimate connection with sciences.
(2) Participation in gender equality symposiums hosted by Tohoku University or other institutions in order to increase awareness of gender quality issues.
(3) In addition to the above, participation and presentations at events for female students and female researchers.
●Planning and implementation of seminars for high schools, etc., open campus days and science events.
See here for examples.

How to apply

Deadline for submission of application to TUMUG :

April 30, 2021May 10, 2021, Monday
Be sure to check your department’s deadline.