Support programs

Support programs for AY 2022
(TUMUG Support Project)

※Information about the Support programs for AY 2021 can be found here.

Application guide/
Persons eligible to apply
Summary of program
Administration bureau
Instructions/Submission after receiving assistance
 1 Research support staff
Male/female academic and technical staff who are expectant mothers, caring for children, or providing family care※1
Female academic and technical staff who will serve on a national government council or hold other key position※1
Grant to cover cost of hiring research support staff (technical/clerical assistants, RA/AA)
(Max. 2 million yen/year; actual amount based on review of application and degree of necessity)
March 11, 2022
①Attachment 1:Application form
②Attachment 7:Applicant details
③Attachment 8:Questionnaire sheets
④Proof of eligibility
Report form
2 Fee – assistance programs for hiring babysitters and other childcare services
Male/female academic staff, technical staff, postdoctoral scholars and doctoral students who are caring for children
Fee assistance for hiring babysitters or other child caregivers while engaged in research, lecturing or traveling 1st period: July 29, 2022
2nd period: October 28, 2022
3rd period: January 27, 2023
4th period: March 10, 2023
①Attachment 2:Application form
②Attachment 7:Applicant details
③Attachment 8:Questionnaire sheets
④Proof of eligibility
Report form
3 Start-up research costs
Newly appointed female academic staff (assistant professor and above)※1※2
Research grant of up to 1 million yen in the first year July 8, 2022
①Attachment 3: Application form
②Attachment 8:Questionnaire sheets
③Proof of eligibility
Report form
4 Next Step Research Grant
Female academic staff (associate professor, senior assistant professor, assistant professor, research associate)※1※2
Grant to support new research projects without other external funding, and research expenses* necessary for gathering data and publishing research results (max. 300,000 yen/year)
*Expenses directly required for conducting research and publishing research results, such as travel costs, meeting registration fees, equipment / supply costs, honoraria, English proofreading fees, etc.
1st period: May 13, 2022
2nd period: September, 2022
①Attachment 4: Application form
②Attachment 4-2: Application form(2nd semester)
③Attachment 8:Questionnaire sheets
④Conferences you plan to attend, including an outline of programs
⑤Estimate of airfares (if traveling by air)
Report form
5 Tohoku University Science Ambassadors
Female graduates enrolled in the graduate school
Planning and implementation of seminars for high schools, etc., open campus days and science events
*See here for details.
1st period: March 11, 2022
2nd period: April 28, 2022①Attachment 5:Application form
②Attachment 6:Resume
6 Zonta Club of Sendai I financial assistance for overseas travel by Tohoku University female graduate students
Female graduate students
Based on the application, the program will support participation expenses for pre sentations at international conferences.
*See here for details.(in Japanese)
August 31, 2022
Application Guidelines(PDF)
Application form(Google Forms)
Form for approval of academic advisor(Word)(in Japanese)
Poster (PNG)

※1 Limited to regular employee of Tohoku University. (The employee who mainly belong to other institutions, such as the faculty member to whom the cross-appointment system applies, are not eligible.)
※2 Those who has competitive funds (including university expenses) of 10 million yen or more in total in the said fiscal year shall be excluded.

Inquiries on support programs :
General affairs office in your department